James H. Mayfield (in featured image above) is an Amazon best-selling author, fitness enthusiast, nutrition & training expert, blogger, as well as a competitor and National Champion in the member league of the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness).

Over the years, James has written articles for several health and fitness themed blogs, and has a wealth of practical and scientifically sound information to share.

Aiming to help people from all over the world, James has written multiple fitness themed e-books that don’t beat around the bush. Scientifically solid concepts and easy to follow instructions make getting into shape easy and effective.

Aside from writing and fitness, James is an avid video gamer and PC enthusiast – spending a large part of his time enjoying the simpler things in life.

Featured Book by James H Mayfield: The Flexible Dieting Handbook

flexible dieting handbook

“Are you tired of diets that force you to give up your favourite foods?

I know that I was. I never could stick to any diet for long. How could I when the number of allowed foods could be counted on one hand, while the list of foods that were off the menu was as thick as a dictionary.

So I decided to find a better way. A method to control my weight without the need to limit my food choices.

What I discovered was an approach to nutrition that had been around for decades: Flexible Dieting – a nutritional approach that doesn’t limit what you can eat, nor does it dictate what you have to eat. Instead, with the help of some guidelines, you’ll design your own diet. Containing the foods you like.

That’s right – you can eat your favourite foods every day and still achieve the physique you want!

This book will provide you with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions on how to set up your daily nutrition, and guarantee success.” James H Mayfield

An excellent new approach, “this book busts the biggest myths about diets, a refreshing change compared to books that keep telling the readers what not to eat.” (Jyotsna Ramachandran)

Easy to learn, “you do not have to be a hard-core dietitian to understand its concept.” (Guido Henkel)

Immediately applicable, “if you’re looking for clear, concise, practical nutritional information that really works, buy this right away!” (Matt Lazenby)


Author Website: http://www.mayfieldfitness.net/

Amazon.com Book Link: Click here

Price on Amazon: $2.71 (Free to borrow on Kindle Prime)

Deal Price:  $0.99  (Valid only from September 6th – September 12th)

Sep 2015 : Featured Non-Fiction Author – James H Mayfield

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