Antara Mann is our featured fiction author for September 2015.

Antara started writing at the age of seven and continues to this very day. When she’s not reading and writing, you can find her practicing yoga, as she has developed a keen interest in self-improvement, spirituality, and becoming a better human being. She enjoys writing fantasy and paranormal suspense stories and believes in unity in diversity. In her opinion, the best books and stories are a crossover between genres.

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Featured Book  
The Witch’s Kiss Episode 1: The Everlasting Battle Between the Dark & the Light Side
The witch's kiss - antara mann

The ugly witch Ezemalda has more than powerful magic up her sleeve. She is the owner of an even more powerful genie.

When she makes a prophecy about King Nruk’s daughter, what she says goes against everything the King desires. Ezemalda promises that a special spell will reverse the curse on the princess, but
she has more than the future of the kingdom in mind. Now that things are going her way, Ezemalda turns her attention to the genie.

How did he become trapped in his lamp? And, what can she possibly do to help?

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Sep 2015 : Featured Fiction Author – Antara Mann

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