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Here are some of the reviews from a few of the popular bloggers from the IndiBlogger Community

Popular blogger Sunaina writes – “Roji Abraham has lived his ‘beauty of dreams’ by weaving this narrative collection by creating characters we meet every other day. For those who want to read something that connects them to their real lives and yet transports them to a distant world, then this book is a must-read.”

Joju and baby
Joju P Raj engrossed in KL, while his baby look on!

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“Short story writing is often considered as a petulant form by a lot of acclaimed storytellers. Short stories possess two conflicting demands: it must abide a readers’ time by confining itself into few thousands of words, but at the same time, the story should establish a strong character or an event to impart an unfeigned impact on the reader’s mind. So, a short story writer had to stringently use every word to take the story forward (digressions have no place here). Considering such vertiginous limits of the short story form, debutant author Roji Abraham’s “Kaleidoscopic Lives: Ensemble Narratives of the Common Man” never fails to give us a thoroughly engaging experience.”

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Roji’s debut book, Kaleidoscopic Liveshas found immense popularity among the masses. Some of the FIVE STAR reviews on the Amazon India Page for the book are testimony to the fact that readers adored the book! Here are a few of them!

Engaging read!

“A short story writer never has it easy. He has to keep his stories centred around a theme, else his book will not make sense in totality. He has to make each story riveting enough to prompt the reader to move onto the next. And he has to do it in as few words as humanly possible.

When you do get a book of short stories that manages to keep your attention engaged till the end, you have stumbled onto a rare find. And Kaleidoscope Lives doesn’t disappoint.

The author has weaved these stories in a disarmingly simple, yet thought provoking fashion, with subtle twists and gentle humour thrown in to amuse the reader. They are extremely engaging renditions of human nature that will provoke you to a smile or a glassy eyed stare into nothingness as you attempt to recall ‘that something similar’ which happened to you.

Kaleidoscope Lives reminds you of the first few drops of rain that hit your face before the downpour. You know exactly where it touches you before the deluge washes over you. The easy flowing narratives reminds you of those few characters that left an indelible mark on you among the seething masses who pass by you every day.
Kaleidoscope Lives is a must read for those inclined to go on a nostalgic mind trip. Because in all our stories, there has been a cripple who taught us to be a shade more cynical or a cab driver who taught us to be bit more considerate; because all our stories, form some small part of kaleidoscope lives” – Steffi Sam

Awesome experience reading the book

“Basically I am not a book reader, I don’t like reading books. This book has totally blown away my mind; all the stories are very vivid as though they had appeared in your real life. This had refreshed some of my old memories especially collage days and good old roommates. The short stories are a combination of different emotions and feeling. Some are very funny and some are very touching. The Shahab, Pilla the thief, The Thai massage and German roommate.. are awesome and my favourites. I really appreciate Roji for his wonderful work and wish him many more success as a author /writer of many more such wonderful works”J C Santosh

Vitalii and Ksenya
Ksenya & Vitalii – Fans from Ukraine!

Kaleidoscopic Lives….A Mirror Image of our Lives!

“After a very long time, I came across a good book which kept me hooked till the end. I got so engrossed after the first story, needless to say, every character came alive and I could feel each character which is an incredible effort on the author’s part. What makes it more interesting is the fact that each story is related to our life and the characters are the ones which we come across so often making it all the more real and at the end of each story there is a take away! The compilation is excellent, a must read for all ages.
Kudos to the author Roji Abraham & may his book be an example to many more!”Ben David

Fantastic book – A MUST Read!!

“Seldom do you get a book which takes you back in time and makes you smile. This book is truly a work of a dreamer with a clear line of thought. The narrative evokes all sorts of emotions with each story, thereby making you enjoy every page. You can literally feel the emotions the author would have underwent while penning the stories. I would definitely encourage anyone who reads to buy this one!!” – Prithviraj P

Vigg and Priyanka_enhanced_2015-06-02
Love from London – Priyanka & Vigginesh!

Simple and Awesome book – A MUST Read!!

“Awesomely narrated..Emotions and feelings throughout the book.Personally felt social message in each story..Never a book reader, but Kaleidoscopic Lives did make a change to it. Great work Roji Abraham and waiting for your next :)” Vinod


“A book that really matches the title. A very good read that takes reader through all the emotions that we would have experienced at some point of time in our lives. Best part is that you just flip through the pages before you even realise it and won’t close the book till it’s finished. Very lucid writing which keeps reader engaged and also a roller coaster of emotions. Very well written Roji & look forward to your next book” – Ajeet

Simple and engrossing

“Could not leave the book, till I reached the last page. The characters are drawn with a touch of own experience and imagination and connecting them is very easy. With some cosmopolitan and some semi urban stories, the author helps you draw the environment around the characters with so much ease. I could travel with him to Bangladesh, UK, Thailand. His narration is very simple and lucid. As his last story goes, its ‘A Book Worth Reading’.” – Achintya

Versatility in stories – Excellent – Definite Nostalgia

Wonderful book with great short stories which will keep you gloved until you complete the book. It makes you Nostalgia…characters and stories makes you compare to someone whom you have come across in your past. Excellent work” – Darshan G

Excellent book for people who like reading short stories

“Excellent book for people who like reading short stories. It almost made me feel as if each one of us have these stories in our life which make some happy, funny, sad moments part of our life and we keep sharing these with our close ones. Roji, has written it beautifully to describe behavioral/ emotional changes that people exhibit in different situations/ roles” – Kavita

 Excellent Book by Roji

“An excellent collection of short stories. I started reading the book on my flight from pune to delhi and the stories were so engrossing that I kept moving on to the next one .The best thing I liked about the different stories was that they were simple , easy to relate and straight from the heart, while few of them are having punch of humour especially the “Thai massage ” and “The talented cook” , the others are sensiive and emotional .my favourite one being the one at the end “Till the day I die”. I definitely recommend this to all who love to read stories …they are indeed – short and sweet.” – Sanjeev


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