Jyotsna likes to call herself the HomeEntrepreneur™ (stay-at-home mom + entrepreneur).

Her journey towards freedom began when she decided never to be an employee ever again and tried out various businesses to support her decision. She started a staff recruitment agency, became a franchisee of a chocolate brand, did freelance web designing, etc.

The arrival of her daughter Advika was the turning point in her life. She realized during her maternity break that none of her businesses were generating income if she was not actively working and understood that in order to enjoy true freedom she needed to create passive income streams. The best way to do that was to start online businesses.

She now runs a book publishing company (http://publishmybook.today) and coaches people on how they too can convert their passion into an online business (http://jyotsnaramachandran.com/coaching).

Through her books and blog she shares all the tools and strategies that have helped her transform herself from an employee to an entrepreneur, which she is sure will help you too.

Featured Book : Job Escape Plan


Job escape plan
You can escape your boring 9 to 5 job in 6 months or less!

How many times have you felt like quitting your monotonous day job? Have you ever felt that you should be following your heart and doing something better? Are you yearning for the freedom to do what you want, when you want and from wherever you want? Then, why are you still working for somebody else? The answer is simple. You are scared of the consequences of quitting your job. You are worried about your financial security. You are not sure if your business idea would work. Most entrepreneurs would advise you to just leave your job and start your dream venture. Wish life was that simple! But this book would advise you to reverse the equation. Why quit your job and then start your business? Instead, this book suggests you to first start your home-based business, generate a steady passive income from it and then comfortably quit your job. Doesn’t that sound more doable?

Job Escape Plan is your ultimate 7 Step guide to quit the rat race! 

In this book you’ll learn how to:

  • Design your dream lifestyle
  • Develop the entrepreneurial mindset
  • Choose the perfect niche for your home-based business
  • Prepare yourself for the transformation from an employee to an entrepreneur
  • Select the perfect online platform to launch your business
  • Grow the business & quit your job within 6 months

Interested? You can find the book for sale on Amazon.

Price: $ 3.01 (Kindle Edition)

Amazon Link: Click here

Oct 2015: Featured Non-Fiction Author – Jyotsna Ramachandran

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