The Ultimate Options Trading Strategy Guide for Beginners

Make a steady part-time income from options trading month after month!


If you are a beginner to the world of Options Trading, this is the only book you will need to learn the basics of the game and to start earning a handsome income consistently every month.

The vast majority of retail stock traders in the stock market keep away from trading in stock derivatives such as Options, believing it to be something that is too complex and too risky. Most of the few who venture out into this terrain with half-baked knowledge usually end in substantial losses over the long term because they simply do not know the safe strategies that one needs to deploy in this space and give up after a while. If you are somebody who has shied away from Options Trading in the past thinking it is beyond comprehension or because you always ended losing money, this is the right book for you.

This book is for every person who wants to venture out into Options Trading to earn a steady part-time income with minimal risk.

Here’s what you get to learn from this book:

  • What stock options are in simple terms!
  • The various types of options and the common terms used in options trading.
  • The underlying principles of options trading using easily-understandable scenarios.
  • Insights into why anyone should trade in options
  • Basic mistakes made by newcomers and how to 3void them.
  • 6 great strategies you can use to consistently make profits while controlling your risk exposure
  • Case studies illustrating the working of each strategy.

Note: As an added bonus, this book also gives you access to worksheets you can use to calculate the potential returns and risk exposure for any strategic trade you want to get into or to even just carry out paper-trades!

This book adopts an unsophisticated approach to teach options trading to just about anybody and therefore, if you are looking for a place to start learning about options trading and how to earn off it, look no further!

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Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Series of Books


 300 Practice Questions for the PMP Exam

 A New Question Bank for PMP candidates

3D_PMP practice questions

The PMP certification, awarded by the PMI, is the gold-standard in project management certifications for project managers globally. If you are a project manager who wants to ace the PMP certification exam on your first attempt, you need to prepare with the right resources!

‘300 Practice Questions for the PMP Exam’, from the author of ‘Be a PMP Ace in 30 Days’, is unlike the average question bank you may come across for the PMP exam. This question bank contains a set of carefully researched and framed questions meant to optimise your study experience and the content here will stimulate your thinking in the way as it would be required on the actual PMP Exam.

Key features of this PMP question bank:

  • 300 questions sorted on individual knowledge areas of the PMBOK – an excellent accompaniment for after-chapter revisions during your PMP Exam preparation.
  • Detailed solutions provided at the end of each chapter so that you understand precisely why a particular answer choice is the right one.
  • Also includes questions on the Project Management Framework and questions on Professional Ethics.
  • Questions are similar in structure, style and difficulty-level with the actual questions that appear in the PMP Exam – therefore, you get wider exposure in fewer questions.

‘300 Practice Questions for the PMP Exam’ is an excellent accompaniment to your PMP preparation arsenal that you should not miss!

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Be a PMP Ace in 30 Days

 A mini-guide for Project Management Professional (PMP) certification aspirants

Final Cover_20Nov15

Do you want to earn the #1 certification for project management globally?

Are you in possession of numerous resources yet clueless on how you could organise yourself to be fully prepared to take on the PMP exam?

Does the thought of attempting the PMP exam scare you?

Be a PMP ace in 30 days’ isn’t a full-fledged guide with a truckload of information on each section but rather, a companion book, that shows you, how in 30 days, you could use your resources effectively, and be ready for the PMP exam and succeed. That too, without having to take even a day off from work!

This book is meant to be your little friend who will oversee your personal journey to PMP certification.

Here’s what you get from this value-for-money EBook:

  • Guidance on the necessary tools and resources you need while preparing for the PMP exam and how to use them effectively.
  • A downloadable weekly calendar with suggested daily and hourly schedules for covering each topic and reviewing them effectively over 30 days
  •  A print-friendly downloadable process chart
  • Key notes for each day that highlights (with keywords) the most important topics for that day.
  • Information on some great free/budget online resources
  • Useful tips for the exam day.
  • 5 Interviews with successful PMP candidates, from around the globe, with their suggestions on how to conquer the PMP exam.

If you want to be PMP certified, don’t miss this!

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