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Kaleidoscopic Lives- Ensemble Narratives of the Common Man

Have you ever read stories in which the characters felt so real that it seemed like you were part of their stories too?

A young Indian engineer and his Bangladeshi colleague befriend a sprightly child waiter; when their friendship grows, the two of them realise that the boy was different – the boy was gifted beyond their  imagination…

When the most skilled thief in a little village in South India disappears from public view after a failed heist, everybody forgets him… till he returns a decade later… a completely different man.

A group of college students, after a series of failed attempts to find a cook, are ecstatic when they find the most talented cook they could hope for… until they discover that cooking wasn’t his only talent…

A young man at an airport catches a glimpse of the most sought after movie star in town and stops to recollect the time he knew her once… long before she had become a star…

A college graduate moves into a house which he shares with a 53 year old student, and realises that there was more to the eccentric man than what meets the eye…

Author Roji Abraham brings alive a strikingly simple, yet memorable collection of eleven short stories exploring the various facets in the life of an ordinary Indian.

The story of the enthusiastic waiter boy and the unlikely friendship he forges with his customers, the story of the village thief and his transformation, the tale of the talented cook, and the story of the eccentric middle-aged housemate are all part of this ensemble collection that is bound to take you on one emotional roller-coaster ride.

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Chocolate Uncle

A young man, waiting at an airport, sees a brand of chocolate he hadn’t seen in years and reminiscences about somebody from his childhood he had forgotten; a family friend who used to visit their home every fortnight carrying a small gift of chocolates and who was fondly nicknamed ‘chocolate uncle’.

For the boy, chocolate uncle was just another pleasant, affable, over-grown friend he could converse freely with every time.

But when life took an unexpected twist and it was time for goodbyes, the child realised how different his grown-up friend had always been.This story is available as a Kindle short read on Amazon and is also part of Kaleidoscopic Lives.

Praise for Chocolate Uncle 

“The immigrant life and the chaos it creates in a child’s mind is skillfully crafted by the author in the backdrop of the Gulf war. The author made me think of my own childhood and the loss of innocence in our present busy day to day life. I miss my childhood innocence when I could laugh and love without a second thought. A poignant read which made me smile and teary eyed – the mark of an excellent storyteller. I highly recommend reading it!” – Reader on

“We all have those lovely memories from our childhood that we go over again and again, just so that we do not forget them, ever – those are the tiny pieces of someone that we once were. This story guided me to those, maybe-silly-but-dear thoughts once more. I thank the author for doing that in such simple words! Short and delightful!” – Reader on


Reuben is a twenty-two year old Indian software engineer who has been sent by his employer to carry out an assignment in a client company in Bangladesh. His only friend in the foreign country is Abbas, a young database administrator, who also works in the same office.Despite the chaos, deadlines and drudgery associated with their corporate lives, the young men often make time to enjoy each other’s company during lunch or dinner.

One day after work hours, when the two friends dine at an old and popular restaurant, they come across an eleven year old waiter boy – Shahab, whose enthusiasm and mannerisms instantly endear him to them.

An unlikely friendship is forged between the child and his customers, and before long, Reuben and Abbas learn that Shahab has a rare gift… a gift that makes them see the child in a new light.

Shahab is a story about how random people connect unexpectedly and how such connections often leave a profound impact on each of their lives. This story is available as a Kindle short read on Amazon and is also part of Kaleidoscopic Lives.

Praise for Shahab:

“If you like reading narratives that help you strengthen your belief in the goodness that is left in humanity, then Shahab is for you. Roji takes you to Bangladesh and in his unique style narrates an incident that took place there. He makes sure that those who read this are hooked till the end and crave for more of his writing. A perfect read over a cup of your favourite drink on a quiet evening and be prepared to be transported.” – Reader on

The German Housemate 

An Indian college student moves into a rented house in a suburban town in England. The shared house, which he starts living in, has other foreign boarders too, including an overage German student – a social misfit who had this uncanny talent to vex even the mildest of men.

The Indian graduate notices that German’s boorish behaviour and queer mannerisms had isolated the latter from everybody around.

But over a period of time, the newcomer starts seeing a different side to the uncouth, middle-aged, lonely man.

Perhaps, all that man deserved was a second chance… A chance to be understood…

Praise for The German Housemate

“Like his other short stories Chocolate Uncle and Shahab, The German Housemate is also very heart touching short story. Very well written and explained in simple language.” – Reader on

“A very well written story that reminds us not to be quick to judge a book by its cover.” – Reader on

Note : All the three titles are also available a part of the compilation Kaleidoscopic Lives