Diane Lee is author of the Love & Other Stuff series and other various scribblings, and Ninja Queen at Delicious Publishing. A former English teacher, she now works part-time in corporate learning and development.She has a Master of Arts in a Communication Management and has also worked in various public relations and marketing communication roles. She is a huge fan of the Oxford comma and probably overuses em dashes.Diane is the mother of a well-behaved daughter, the employee of a much adored cat and chronically single. A crazy runner type, she runs a couple of half marathons a year.
Her main claims to fame are serendipitously touching Benedict Cumberbatch at OzComicCon in 2014 and making Markus Zusak—author of The Book Thief—guffaw at his book signing. Bruce Campbell retweeted her once and Justin Timberlake may have read her blog. 

Diane lives in Adelaide, South Australia.
Do check Diane Lee’s Official Website . She offers the e-copy of some of her popular books when signing up !
Featured eBook : The One – A Short Story


They say that love doesn’t just appear on your doorstep…

When Tom Marshall knocks on Paton McLean’s door, she’s sure he is the one for her. Hiring him as a gardener and then a handyman, she keeps him around long enough for their relationship to develop into something more than friendship.

Tom has other ideas about their future, however, and struggles to come to terms with Paton’s certainty that they are meant to be together. It is only in one final karmic twist that Tom realises he’s made the wrong decision…

If you’ve ever loved someone, lost them and wondered if they regretted it, then this short story is for you!

“I loved The One. It was beautifully, beautifully written. Well done!” ~ Alison F (on Amazon)

“Excellent descriptive writing that again, lets you absorb into the world of the characters and put you in the very room it’s all taking place in. I think we have all had one boyfriend who we thought we would be right for and see the future before us. However that boyfriend had other feelings and wanted to remain open for something a ‘little better’ than you that might be just around the corner. Heart-wrenching , but also a tale of truth that we can all relate to, one side or the other. Are we asking too much to seek more out of our partner? Will we regret in the future, the decisions we made in the past?” ~ Vic J. (on Amazon)

“This is a very well written short story in the form of a flashback. Sometimes people come into your life for a short time but can have lasting memories and a lasting impact, and this story explores one of those potential impacts. I highly recommend this for people looking for a quick but well written read, and think it’s a great introduction to the author’s style.” ~ Melinda K. (on Amazon)

Price on Amazon : $0.91

For viewing the book on Amazon, click the cover picture or click here




Aug 2015 : Featured Fiction Author – Diane Lee

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