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I had passed the PMP exam almost 2 years ago and I know from experience that passing the PMP is no walk in the park. I’ve spoken to numerous people since then and understood that most of the time, people were simply not able to allocate enough time or organise themselves well enough to take a crack at the exam. Often, they were confused on how to study and what to study! I knew countless PMP aspirants who either lost their way and never attempted the exam, or went underprepared and failed it!

I understood the woes of every one of those people I spoke with and these discussions led me to an idea. I was someone who knew how to write in a way that anybody could relate with (it came from more than a decade of experience in writing), and I understood the PMP Exam – so why not write a book that could equip any PMP aspirant with a fool proof plan to tackle the exam?

That was how I end up writing and publishing ‘Be a PMP Ace in 30 Days‘ – my first ever non-fiction book and a mini-guide that showed how to create the perfect plan to crack the PMP exam!  This was in late 2015.

In the months since then, I have had plenty of happy testimonials from people who wrote to me to tell me what a blessing my little book turned out to be for them! Every time somebody told me that my little book helped them immensely, it was a little victory for me too! I had put so much effort and those efforts were bearing fruit in a small way. ‘Be A PMP Ace in 30 Days‘ still features among the top 100 PMP Books on – a small tribute to my humble endeavour.

Earlier this year, I realised there was something more I could do – many PMP candidates suffer from a lack of exposure to good quality questions, or questions that reflect the actual style and format of questions on the real exam. Of course, there were some excellent question banks out there by prominent PMP authors – but they all came at a really steep price. Good practice material at an affordable price was rare and hard to come by!

Therefore, I started on a second journey – to create the best concise PMP question bank I could by mustering a set of carefully created questions following a study of some of the best PMP material I could lay my hands on all over again! Phew! It took me 6 months to complete a question bank of 300 such questions. Of course, there were periods of no activity at times – after all I had to balance my regular life with this writing project too!

So the bottom line: the book is almost ready! It is currently undergoing editing, proofreading and formatting. If all goes well, it will be officially launched on the 1st week of December!


3D_PMP practice questions.jpg


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Are you preparing for the PMP Exam? Read this!

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