300 Practice Questions for the PMP Exam

 A New Question Bank for PMP candidates

3D_PMP practice questions

The PMP certification, awarded by the PMI, is the gold-standard in project management certifications for project managers globally. If you are a project manager who wants to ace the PMP certification exam on your first attempt, you need to prepare with the right resources!

‘300 Practice Questions for the PMP Exam’, from the author of ‘Be a PMP Ace in 30 Days’, is unlike the average question bank you may come across for the PMP exam. This question bank contains a set of carefully researched and framed questions meant to optimise your study experience and the content here will stimulate your thinking in the way as it would be required on the actual PMP Exam.


Key features of this PMP question bank:

  • 300 questions sorted on individual knowledge areas of the PMBOK – an excellent accompaniment for after-chapter revisions during your PMP Exam preparation.
  • Detailed solutions provided at the end of each chapter so that you understand precisely why a particular answer choice is the right one.
  • Also includes questions on the Project Management Framework and questions on Professional Ethics.
  • Questions are similar in structure, style and difficulty-level with the actual questions that appear in the PMP Exam – therefore, you get wider exposure in fewer questions.

‘300 Practice Questions for the PMP Exam’ is an excellent accompaniment to your PMP preparation arsenal that you should not miss!

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Be a PMP Ace in 30 Days

 A Guidebook for Project Management Professional (PMP) certification aspirants

The Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification is the most valued certification globally for project management today.  The certification is also immensely challenging and has eluded many project managers. If  you are somebody who is into project management and someone who wants to get PMP certified, this is something that can help you! Check the video trailer for the book below!

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Kaleidoscopic Lives – New Kindle Edition

Kindle Edition

Have you ever read stories in which the characters felt so real that it seemed like you were part of their stories too?

A young Indian engineer and his Bangladeshi colleague befriend a sprightly child waiter; when their friendship grows, the two of them realise that the boy was different – the boy was gifted beyond their  imagination…

When the most skilled thief in a little village in South India disappears from public view after a failed heist, everybody forgets him… till he returns a decade later… a completely different man.

A group of college students, after a series of failed attempts to find a cook, are ecstatic when they find the most talented cook they could hope for… until they discover that cooking wasn’t his only talent…

A young man at an airport catches a glimpse of the most sought after movie star in town and stops to recollect the time he knew her once… long before she had become a star…

A college graduate moves into a house which he shares with a 53 year old student, and realises that there was more to the eccentric man than what meets the eye…

Author Roji Abraham brings alive a strikingly simple, yet memorable collection of eleven short stories exploring the various facets of the lives of ordinary people. This ensemble collection is bound to take you on one emotional roller-coaster ride – a ride that will make you laugh, smile, introspect or even cry.

Praise for Kaleidoscopic Lives 

“Gibran, the great Lebanese poet recounts a story of a pair of poems composed in the court of an ancient king: one of philosophical profundity and technical brilliance and other the ditty of a commonner. The former has been lost in the hoary past while the latter is recited even today. This book is a collection of vignettes of someone rooted in the soil of his ancestors with wings that traverse a global path. Often what stays in our minds are the quintessential human experiences of trust, understanding and loss…of what it means to be human..I have found this a compelling read. Though I confess, at times I was moved deeply and had to pause for reflection” – Reader review on Goodreads

“After a very long time, I came across a good book which kept me hooked till the end. I got so engrossed after the first story, needless to say, every character came alive and I could feel each character which is an incredible effort on the author’s part. What makes it more interesting is the fact that each story is related to our life and the characters are the ones which we come across so often making it all the more real and at the end of each story there is a take away! The compilation is excellent, a must read for all ages!” – Reader review on Amazon India

“Seldom do you get a book which takes you back in time and makes you smile. This book is truly a work of a dreamer with a clear line of thought. The narrative evokes all sorts of emotions with each story, thereby making you enjoy every page. You can literally feel the emotions the author would have underwent while penning the stories. I would definitely encourage anyone who reads to buy this one!!” – Reader review on Amazon India

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